Most of us have had enough life experience to know that not every door is going to open for us.

This is a particularly prevalent occurrence when we are in the business of selecting a soulmate.

We rejoice if the love of our lives is open to our advances, but most of us have, at some stage, given undue attention to the one that got away!

“If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door” —  Candace Plattor’s sage saying is scant consolation when we are suffering from a broken heart.

Heck, some of us have even had that door slammed in our faces!

I am reminded of a guy called Johan* who held a torch for the girl next door, Amanda*.  For many years he idolised her and wanted with all his heart to marry her.  She had other ideas, however, and some years later she married an old school flame.

Johan was severely distraught and sought solace in building up his online business.  He poured his heart and soul into this endeavour.  Today it is a thriving and well-known enterprise.

His good fortune did not end there, however.  Several years later he met a delightful woman, Marie*, who wholeheartedly returned his affections and today they are married with three lovely children.

Today he is so very glad that he did not marry Amanda.  He is literally tickled pink with Marie and they are having an awesome time together.  Life could not have treated him better.

At every stage in life we are given exactly what we need, but not always what we want.  Sometimes life offers us a bitter fruit.  However, often that almost indigestible berry turns out to be a lot more nutritious than what we originally had in mind and paves the way to our later good fortune.

Digest the message from Johan, Amanda and Marie.  The dessert may just end up being very sweet!

*Names have been changed.

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Marilyn Welch

Owner of Perfect Strangers

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