A recent survey of over 1000 women conducted by Men’s Health found that there are 4 distinct characteristics that women look for in a guy – and they are NOT the traits of a ‘bad boy’.

In fact, the 4 traits below, which may even sound a little ‘boring’, were rated as being incredibly HOT and SEXUALLY APPEALING to women!

1# Faithfulness

This trait was listed first by 80% of the women! History shows that women and children had a better chance of surviving if they had a mate who stuck around protecting them.

However, not sleeping with other women is not all there is to it. Emotional faithfulness is very important to a woman. She does not want her partner flirting or getting to close to other women.

Be sure to frequently reassure the woman in your life of your feelings for her and that you are not going anywhere. Women never get tired of hearing “I love you”.

2# Dependability

75% of the women say they are looking for a man who makes and keeps commitments. Therefore it is very important that a man does everything he says he will do.

A guy who is dependable pays his bills on time, can look after a pet properly and is not shy to help out aging family members. He also attends the social events he has committed to.

When a relationship goes through troubled waters, a dependable guy sticks around and does not jump ship.

Importantly, a woman will only feel comfortable revealing her true desires and sexuality in the bedroom when she fully trusts a guy and knows she can depend on him.

3# Kindness

70% of the women rated kindness in the top 10 attributes they find sexy in a man.

Keep it simple, guys. A woman just wants to know that her partner is sincerely considerate and sensitive towards her.

This kindness should extend towards friends and family, pets and even the waiter who serves you.

If you are involved in volunteer work, this will speak volumes to her that you can be counted on to assist rather than hurt her, as player-types may have done in her past.

A kind, helpful guy is generally recognised as being good husband material.

4# Moral Integrity

70% of the women are turned on by men who are honest about who they are. They sense when a man is just trying to impress them by boasting about achievements and acting cool.

They would far rather have the REAL you and have respect for a man who has the guts to tell the truth, even if it does not portray him in the most desirable light. This tells her you are likely to be trustworthy over the long haul.

This is great for the men. They can know they don’t have to go to great lengths to be the ‘perfect guy’ (who doesn’t actually even exist).


If men cultivate these 4 traits, it will stand them in good stead when looking for their very own true soulmates!



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