Words are powerful. They can make or break someone’s confidence and self-esteem.  A sincere, well-timed compliment will fall nicely on your partner’s ear and make her day, so as Dale Carnegie once put it:  “Be hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise.”

There are a few obvious things men often tell their girlfriends:  “You look amazing”, “You’re so beautiful”, “You’re so smart”, “You’re the only one for me”, “I’m proud of you”, “I need you”, etc. 

There are, however, less common things to say which will show her you have put some thought into what she means to you and how you appreciate her:

1#  “You know what I love about you?”

It’s important to be specific with this kind of compliment.  It gets you thinking about all the ways you adore her.  When you tell her, she is likely to do that specific thing even more.  It may be her laugh, her smile, the way she listens, the way she hums when she works.  Put some thought into exactly why you love her so much and be sure to let her know.

2#  “You’re right.”

There is nothing like the above statement to stop an argument in its tracks.  Your acknowledgement will melt her heart and convince her to try and also see your perspective on things.  Also tell her she is right when she has a good idea.  These two words will definitely make the wheels run smoother in your relationship.

3#  “We’re in this together.”

This simple statement will let her know you have her back and ease whatever situation she is facing.  She will know you are committed to her and that you want to help her.  Whatever she is dealing with, your support will mean a lot to her.

4#  “What do you think?”

It is a massive compliment you pay when you ask someone’s perspective on things.  It means you value their opinion.  You can take this even one step further and also follow her advice.  This will make you score big points with her.  Put your ego in your pocket and listen to what she has to say.  It may well help you enormously.

These are simple ways to endear yourself to your partner.  They cost nothing and will boost your relationship big time!

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Marilyn Welch

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