The Many Disguised Pathways to Self-Growth

Personal development and self-actualisation have one thing in common: It directs you towards becoming the best version of yourself. Going on a year-long hiatus to the scared Arunachala mountains of India might promote self-growth, but not everyone has the funds or time to take that trip. Self-growth, in its many forms, can be found all around us, which means you don’t need bank-breaking therapy to find out how to pursue it.

Firstly, it is important to understand what the term “self-growth” means. Self-growth refers to the process of enhancing the sum of who you are through a set of choices. The first choice, of course, begins with deciding that you want to improve who you are. There are many ways to grow as a human being, though they may not always be obvious. Below are some examples of hidden routes to personal development.

Socialising with The Right Crowd

The type of people you attract might be a key feature in determining the message you are sending to the world. If you find that you consistently draw energy-draining individuals to yourself, you might need to explore new social opportunities. Actively seeking positive, passionate friends to surround yourself with is the fastest way to change your outlook on life.

Taking Responsibility for Your Actions

Nothing is quite as tough as admitting you were wrong – therefore many people never do it. Expanding who you are as a person means diminishing your ego, as contradictory as that may sound. Taking ownership of mistakes made gives you a daily occasion to grow as a person.

Overcoming the Fears That Hold You Back

Fear is universal, but it helps to remember that babies aren’t born with very many fears, which means that our personal set of anxieties have been acquired. Facing your fears doesn’t mean that you won’t be afraid; it merely means that you value self-improvement above emotion. Simple activities such as wearing a new style of clothes or going on an unplanned road trip enlarge your comfort zone to the point where you no longer fear the unknown.

Learning A New Skill

Instead of using your free time unwisely, why not take up a hobby to help you develop a new skill? Levelling up your skillset can be done by practising just about anything from creative pursuits like painting and cooking, to more technical or athletic pastimes like jogging or fishing. Learning a new skill can be an inexpensive way to unwind while you develop a taste for something you never knew you liked doing.

Remaining Vulnerable and Open

Wearing your heart on your sleeve tactfully and respectfully requires a level of emotional maturity with which not everyone is familiar. Some people feel it is weak to show the world what is really going on inside of themselves. Hiding this inner reality creates unhappiness and the feeling of being incongruent with who you truly are. Self-growth will take you to a point where you are forced to examine whether you are living authentically or not.

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Marilyn Welch

Owner of Perfect Strangers

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