Since we were young, most of us have been programmed to believe that when we are “grown up” we will find our Prince or Princess Charming and waltz off happily into the sunset.

Books we read and movies we watch mainly have happy endings that etch this dream ever more firmly in our minds.

Of course we want to find the best partner we possibly can, so some of us become very “picky” along the way.  We start creating lists of what we want and don’t want and some of us take this to extremes.

Soon we have dreamed up the most wonderful person whom we believe will sweep us off our feet and take us away “from all of this”.

If we are lucky, real life steps in with a few not so wonderful partners and relationships and we are brought down to earth with a bump.

Some of us go to the opposite extreme after that and become relationship cynics, ever ready to criticise the beaux we happen to meet.

It is never too late to take a long, hard look at ourselves and become aware of some of our own flaws.  After we have done this, we realise that we have friends who love us, warts and all.

Is this not the time to extend the same favour to all we meet?  After all, rain descends on the just and unjust alike (unless the unjust steals the just’s umbrella!).

Seriously, our flaws make us loveable.  When I was a child, my favourite teddy was shabby and one of his eyes was missing, but that didn’t make me love him any less.

When someone else isn’t perfect, it gives us room to relax and be ourselves, and not worry that WE are not perfect. 

Someone who is kind and who has a warm smile is much more loveable than an ice princess with flawless makeup.

Someone who is not an oil painting is not as likely to give us sleepless nights about whether they are faithful or not, like a gorgeous hunk or exquisite woman might.

Someone who is happy with him/herself and accepting of their own flaws is much more comfortable company than someone whom you believe cannot put a foot wrong.

Often it is the discords in a symphony that make it interesting and beautiful to listen to.  It is the same with people.

When you find a rough diamond and make it your own, you can lovingly polish it up until it shines to your satisfaction.

Listen for the music that arises when you love the person you find.  At first the melody may not sound perfect to your ears, but it may have the potential to make you happy!

© 2019 Marilyn Welch.  All rights reserved

Marilyn Welch

Owner of Perfect Strangers

Marilyn Welch is the owner of Perfect Strangers Introduction Society for Professionals and in the last year, many of the clients who joined Perfect Strangers met someone special, often within a very few short months. Would you love to meet your soulmate?  If you fit our niche market and feel that you would like to work with me, register today.