Money can be a highly emotive, intricate and potentially complicating factor when one is dating or in a relationship. How do you stop the issue of money from cramping your style?

To be in the best position when dating one needs to be as financially independent as possible.

Should things get serious between you and your beaux, being able to pay your own way is a good foundation for any relationship. It creates a healthy dynamic between the two of you.

Here are 3 ways financial independence sets the right precedent in a relationship:

1# It encourages a sense of autonomy.

There is less tension about expenses or with discussions about who pays which bill.

If both people in the relationship get to decide about how to spend their money it will result in fewer arguments.

2# It sets the stage for mutual respect

If both members of the couple are making enough money, they can usually split expenses fairly and have enough left over to individually buy whatever they want, eliminating petty squabbles.

If their savings or way of life are not affected, they are likely to be okay with the other person’s spending.

3# Financial independence is healthy in the long run

Couples who are not dependent on each other get to maintain their individual identities. In a financially stable relationship, they can relate and behave towards each other on equal terms.

This frees them up to focus on being there for each other and growing together without dealing with the unnecessary stress of money-related issues.

I trust these pointers will assist you when dating and in relationships!

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