Insecurity of one or both partners in a relationship can lead to nagging problems.  It will definitely limit your happiness.  Be on the lookout for the following tell-tale signs:

1#  Constant seeking of reassurance

No matter how much you boost your partner, it never seems to be enough.  They lack confidence and are convinced they are inferior.  Reassurance doesn’t help.  Your partner needs to work on themselves until they feel that confidence bubbling from within.

2#  Complaining about everything

Your partner is not happy with him/herself and doesn’t see the good in things.  This can lead to a permanent pessimism that always leaves one feeling unsatisfied.

3#  Dressing to get attention

It’s one thing to dress well to look your best for yourself and possibly your partner.  It’s another when you dress up to hook other people’s attention.  Your emotional dissatisfaction and insecurity is revealed by this simple act.

4#  Using guilt to get your way

Some people are masters at manipulation and will use this ploy whenever they can.  They get what they want at the expense of their partner’s well-being.  This creates rifts and not bonds between a couple.

5#  Small issues become big ones quickly

Insecurities are deep-rooted.  When confronted with minor mistakes, insecure people often blow up to get rid of all their negative energy.  They inadvertently exhibit behaviour which causes others to confront them, leading to arguments which are often exacerbated.  The problems you both face become outlets for pent-up emotions which invariably escalate.

Living with insecurities can be exhausting.  Both partners need to reflect on if they have insecurities and what the triggers are.  Perhaps you are the person in the relationship who is feeling insecure.  Be honest with your partner if you are struggling and seek professional help if you cannot make the changes alone.

Once you begin working on being less insecure, your relationship with yourself and your partner will definitely change for the better.

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Marilyn Welch

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