Did you ever wonder why some people are heard whereas others are not? Are these people doing anything different from the rest of us? What exactly are they doing and how can we emulate them?

Good communicators are always doing two essential things:

1# They have good eye contact

Good eye contact together with open body language conveys a distinct message that you are interested in what the other person is saying. It also projects self-confidence.

If you avoid making eye contact, you may come across as insecure, unconfident or disinterested. These are sure-fire conversation killers.

Unbroken eye contact actually amps up the sexual attraction between two people and literally cause feel-good hormones to be produced.

Now there’s a good reason to look someone in the eye!

2# They bring energy to the conversation

Good communicators project energy into their conversations, hooking people’s attention and getting them addicted to their good vibes!

People love being around someone who radiates energy and makes them smile and laugh. Good conversationalists uplift others and make them feel good about themselves.

They use a lot of facial expression and smile and laugh freely. They project their voices so others can hear them clearly. (They don’t speak too loud as nobody likes to feel they are being shouted at). They do not mumble.

Maybe this all sounds a little complicated to you, but if you act confidently, you can gradually fake it until you make it. You don’t need to act arrogantly or try too hard to impress people. Just be your fun self and show that you are having a really good time when you converse with others.

Use these two conversation tips when next you are on a date and watch how easy it is to attract and hold someone’s attention!



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