Love is and always has been the thing that makes our hearts sing.  When we are single, we yearn for that someone who will love us and whom we can love in return.  However, being in a relationship is no guarantee that we’ll have enough love in our lives.

It all starts with how we think about love.  In “The Choice For Love”, author Barbara De Angelis suggests that love may not be something that you get, but that it is rather something that you are.

Love ebbs and flows within each one of us, regardless of whether we are loved by someone or not.  Her perspective is that love is an inside job.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could always feel this love so that when people reject us in some way, we still have an ocean of love inside of us?

What causes these surges of love that well up inside of us from time to time? The last time you felt that rush of love, what was happening?  Who were you with?  What were you thinking about?

Here are 3 love triggers that will pave the way for an overwhelming sense of love in your heart – with or without a partner:

1#  Gratitude

When we think of our many blessings, gratitude wells up in us.  Notice how close it feels to love?  Be sure to remember every day how much good there is in your life.

2#  Belonging

Belonging expands our hearts as we become part of something bigger than ourselves.  Find your tribe, whether it’s your family, your friends or people you’ve met through work, your passions or your faith.  Feel that surge of pride and affection, just knowing that you belong.

3#  Giving

To fill your life with love, give your love away.  Don’t wait for someone to fill your heart for you.  Go out and find someone or something you can spoil. 

Perhaps there is someone you don’t even know so well who needs love right now.  Maybe an animal needs your love, such as those at the local animal sanctuary.  Perhaps the veld near you needs your love, because it’s covered in trash.  Let that person, animal or place know that someone cares.

Ultimately, no one can fill your heart with love like you can.  Commit to filling your own heart, and the right relationship will add to your life (instead of saving you from it)!


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Marilyn Welch

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