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There has been a marked difference in the way men approach dating in recent years to the way women do. Men often feel they don’t need help with meeting women. They prefer things to fall in place and run smoothly, and few have the patience to look through countless profiles of potential matches.

What do women look for in a highly desirable man?

A man who takes care of himself

Women are called the fairer sex for a reason – they take pride in caring about their looks (without being superficial). It’s therefore fair to say that women too find nothing more attractive than a well-groomed man.

A man who is confident

Is there anything more attractive than confidence? Your body language speaks for itself and how comfortable you are around her will make her feel comfortable too, so stand up straight and show her that you are secure with who you are as a man.

A man of strength – both mentally and physically

While women do like a man who is fit and healthy physically, they also value a man who is mentally strong, with emotional maturity to match.

A man with a sense of humour

It may sound like a cliché, but women really do love a man with a good sense of humour. Make her laugh and you can be certain that you will have her attention…for life.

Perfect Strangers takes the hassle out of dating for you, as we diligently screen all the women we arrange for you to meet. However, we also promote you to them – think of us as your own “wingman”! Once we inform potential suitors of you, your profile and interests, they are usually quite eager to meet you!

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