Is Perfect Strangers right for me?

Why does Perfect Strangers not answer my application to join?
You are most probably not a fit for our niche market, therefore we regret that we are unable to assist you at this time.
I would like to meet my soulmate as quickly as possible. Can you help me?
In the last year, many of the clients who joined our society, met someone special, often within a very few short months! We would like to discuss our success statistics with you when you come to see us.

We are aiming to even better our phenomenal success rate. I have plenty of high-calibre men and women on my books, and also provide FREE advice and mentoring in order for you to date successfully and form rewarding romantic relationships. Therefore, by joining Perfect Strangers you will have made a positive step towards meeting your true soulmate as quickly as possible.

Who does Perfect Strangers cater for?

Perfect Strangers caters for single professionals and successful entrepreneurs based in Pretoria East and Centurion. They are Afrikaans-speaking Christians, but are equally at home speaking English. They are health and fitness-conscious, well-groomed and trim. Many are highly educated and well-travelled. We assist men aged 30 – 60 and women aged 25 – 55.

Does Perfect Strangers provide any guarantees?

Marilyn Welch, owner of Perfect Strangers, personally guarantees all her clients that she will take reasonable steps to ensure that each and every one of them gains significant value from their membership.

Refunds are very seldom requested, but in compliance with the Consumer Protection Act there is a standard and very fair refund system in place, which can be viewed on request. Therefore all her members stand only to gain.

How does Perfect Strangers, as an introduction society, differ from dating services?

We offer a very discreet, exclusive, long-term matchmaking service where each client is catered to on a very personal basis, as opposed to a “one size fits all” approach.

How does Marilyn Welch run Perfect Strangers?

Marilyn Welch is the driving force behind Perfect Strangers. Integrity is one of her core values. When she says something, she means it. If she says she will do something, she does it.

She is 100% committed to all her clients, and always takes concrete steps to find them their soulmates or assist them to meet like-minded people of the opposite sex, whichever they asked her to do. She demonstrates this commitment not only by her high success rate in terms of many of her clients getting married to each other, but also by providing high-quality, FREE advice and mentoring on successful dating and forming rewarding romantic relationships.

Her regular blog is a shining example of this.She insists on the personal approach, meeting ALL her clients personally and building long-lasting trust relationships with them.

She has a phenomenal memory and remembers all their details as well as what they tell her. This helps her to assist all her clients in the best possible way. Her administrative system is always 100% up to date, which helps her run Perfect Strangers like a well-oiled machine.

Although she has many clients, she will always know who you are when you phone her, who she has introduced you to already, what your personal preferences are and how you view the world.

She keeps regular telephone contact with all her clients and has a feedback system which her clients can use after each successive date which assists her to match them even better as time goes by.

She is 100% consistent and keeps all her promises, so you can feel safe and at ease with being part of this new and exciting way of dating.

What will Perfect Strangers do for me?

You will meet quality partners – this gives you the opportunity to make new friends, and puts you fairly and squarely in the running to meet the soulmate of your dreams. It often happens that the first, second, or third partner introduced to a client turns out to be “The One”.

The proof of the pudding lies in the eating – read the Testimonials on this website and see for yourself. We shall assist you to find your soulmate, whatever it takes, or to enlarge your circle of friends, whichever you want. Each member of Perfect Strangers is also entitled to FREE telephonic mentoring by Marilyn, which can be taken at any stage during the course of his/her membership. Perfect Strangers does not operate on a “one size fits all” basis – every client is treated as an individual.  Send Marilyn your details and she will gladly answer your questions in this regard.

We guarantee that we shall take reasonable steps to ensure that you remain a happy client by taking special care that you meet partners that fit your specific preferences. Marilyn Welch, owner of Perfect Strangers has found that where a client puts his or her full faith in her, she will invariably live up to their expectations. To summarize: Perfect Strangers undertakes to stand by you and assist you throughout the dating process.

Does this approach really work?

Indeed it does. Our success rate over the last few years definitely testifies to this. We are prepared to discuss our excellent success statistics with you when you come to see us.

In the next year, we aim to even improve on our phenomenal achievements. Perfect Strangers has a wealth of satisfied clients whose lives have changed from lonely and boring to getting out and about, meeting new people, visiting exciting places, and – most importantly – they have a variety of quality partners amongst whom they may find their soulmate

What results can I expect, and how quickly?
Perfect Strangers delivers results by only matching like-minded people of excellent calibre. Within as little as one month most clients have dated various interesting candidates, opening up a wonderful new perspective on their world. Many clients have met their soulmates within a few months of joining Perfect Strangers.