Chemistry and Dating

Chemistry is the glue which brings couples together.  It is a language which transcends the five senses and speaks to our hearts.


Can I tell from a photo whether I will have chemistry with a person or not?

A photo will only reveal things to your visual sense.  You cannot hear the voice of the person.  Neither can you pick up on the energies that he/she is emitting.

As chemistry is a silent language communicated between the subconscious minds of the two people concerned, one actually needs to meet this person to see if there will be a spark between the two of you.

Chemistry is just one component of a relationship.  It is not an indicator of whether a relationship will be a success or not.  It can also fade after some time and one never knows what one will be left with!  Where chemistry is overwhelming, the two parties concerned often have a volatile and unpredictable kind of relationship.


Is chemistry always there instantly or can it grow?

Sometimes a rewarding romantic relationship starts with a faint spark that turns into a wonderful, warm glow.


Do looks influence whether there will be chemistry between two people or not?

Sometimes one is strongly attracted to a person who is plain-looking and perhaps even a little overweight.  When there is chemistry between two people it actually means that they have something to work out together. Thus chemistry is independent of how you look.  (A pleasing appearance, however, always helps!)

Perfect Strangers encourages you to actually meet the partners Marilyn suggests to you.  Our approach is completely different to that of cyber dating.  Our members do not hide behind their computer screens, but are instead urged to look beyond just selecting someone based on a photo, and to make the effort to physically meet and get to know each other so that they can enjoy the dating process.

The simple process of actually meeting prospective partners has ensured that the consistently high success rate of Perfect Strangers has been maintained since 1997. By dating with Perfect Strangers you will give love and chemistry a fair chance to get off to a good start!

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Marilyn Welch

Marilyn Welch

Owner of Perfect Strangers

“Marilyn conducts a very professional service. She personally screens everyone, so you can be sure of meeting someone of substance. Furthermore, because of feedback that you provide to Marilyn after each date, you can be sure that your next match will be even better. ”

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