Long-distance relationships require incredible perseverance.  There are long stretches of time you don’t see each other and financial and logistical obstacles that come with visiting, to say nothing of the Covid complications currently in swing.

When you are really missing your partner, what makes you endure the setbacks, hassles and temporary lack of cuddles?

Here are 7 signs that your relationship will last:

1#  You’re emotionally intimate

When you have good news, or a dreadful day, your partner should be one of the first to hear of it.  You keenly feel their needs, fears and desires.  This type of emotional intimacy creates a special synergy that can overcome distance.

2#  The geographic distance is only temporary

There needs to be a planned end to your living apart.  At some stage you need to live closer to each other.  You are investing time and energy in this relationship with the purpose of ultimately being together.  Make sure you take action steps to this end.

3#  You still appreciate alone time

Being constantly joined at the hip isn’t healthy for any couple.  You need balance between together and alone time and your partner should respect that.  After a long, hard day you simply may not have the energy for a Skype or Zoom call.  Take these factors into consideration.

4#  You spend extended periods of time together

A whirlwind weekend or week is simply not enough to tell if you are compatible.  The best is to try to spend a few weeks at each other’s homes so you can feel what it’s really like to live together, warts and all.  You will only find out in this way whether your habits and rhythms are compatible. 

5#  You hit all the big relationship milestones

To avoid stagnation, you need to keep having firsts in your relationship, like the first time you say “I love you”, the first big argument, the first time you cry in front of each other etc.  Look for signs of increased intimacy, trust and future planning.  You don’t want your relationship to look the same as it looked a year ago.

6#  You’ve already met each other’s family members and friends

Make plans for these people to meet your partner on a Skype call or on one or other app as a group.  Your family and friends will see things in your partner that you never saw and probably need to know about.  You can pick up in this way how your partner relates to others and whether they fit in with your tribe.

7#  You both keep your promises

Both partners need to match intention with action.  Keep your appointment times and remain faithful no matter the temptation.  Promises kept are the glue of all relationships, especially long-distance ones. 

I wish you luck with your long-distance relationship!

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Marilyn Welch

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