Living far away from your partner can make it difficult to discern exactly where your relationship stands.  When you feel out of sync, how do you know if this is just a temporary blip or if the two of you are simply not on the same page anymore?

Here are some signs to watch out for:

1#  Talking to your partner feels like a chore rather than something you look forward to

It’s normal to sometimes be exhausted and swamped with work, but if chatting to your partner feels like something on your to-do list rather than a bright spot in your day, it is maybe time to rethink your relationship.

2#  Your partner isn’t available to talk when they say they’ll be

Occasionally rescheduling your phone calls and video chats is normal, but if this becomes a pattern, your partner may not be prioritizing your relationship.  You do not want to sit by your phone for hours waiting for their call and you do not want to compete for their attention either.  It may be worth bringing up this kind of frustration with your partner.

3#  Your partner is always keeping tabs on you

It’s good to check up on your partner occasionally, but if their questions seem like interrogations, this could indicate jealousy, insecurity or even toxic controlling behaviour.  A warning sign is feeling pressure that you should be instantly available any time they call or text you.

4#  Your partner isn’t willing to work through problems in the relationship

When you try to address issues, how does your partner respond? Do they routinely brush off your concerns?  Ongoing communication and commitment to problem-solve areas of vulnerability and conflict is essential in your relationship.  An unwillingness to address problems may indicate that your partner is no longer invested in your relationship.

5#  The separation becomes too difficult to bear

If the longing and sadness of missing your partner becomes so overwhelming that it impacts your ability to practice proper self-care and you don’t get things done like you should any more, perhaps a long-distance relationship is not right for you. 

6#  You don’t talk about your plans for the future

Once you have been together for a while it is natural to talk about plans to see each other more often and shorten the distance between you.  If this is not the case, perhaps your relationship is not built to last.  Another sign is that you have plans but never actually execute the necessary steps to achieve them.  For example, you delay looking for a new job which may bring you closer to your partner.

7#  You’re constantly tempted by the thought of being with other people

It’s normal to be attracted to others, but having a wandering eye you cannot control may indicate you’re not invested in the relationship or that this kind of arrangement isn’t the right fit for you.  Couples who are strongly committed work through their challenges without going outside their relationship.

If these signs are haunting your relationship, it may be time to take stock and re-evaluate your situation.

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