When a relationship starts out, all is moonshine and roses, and you think that things could never, ever go wrong. However, you can get into insidious habits that slowly but surely set a negative tone and make you unhappy with each other.

Cheating is an obvious no-no, but the following mistakes are easy to
overlook and are the ones I am going to focus on:

1# Lying

Often a seemingly innocent white lie can have disastrous consequences. If your partner finds out you have lied, and they often do, you will have created a precedent which will result in him/her losing trust in you. They may even start doubting you in other arenas as well, for example your
suitability as a marriage partner. Even when it’s difficult, tell your partner the truth and they will know they can always rely on you.

2# Disrespect

Never, ever start insulting each other, no matter what the provocation. Rather respect each other’s space, opinion and beliefs. Make it a habit to encourage each other. Respect each other’s privacy as well. If you riffle through your partner’s belongings or check their cell phones behind their backs, they are going to be angry. Accept the differences you have and learn to be tolerant. Know when to speak and when to remain silent. Rest assured, your partner will appreciate these kinds of efforts.

3# Control Freak

Most times the main trait of a controlling partner is the need to try and change who you are. It’s a mistake to expect your partner to like all the same things you do every minute of the day. Let them have different opinions to you. The more freedom you allow your partner, the happier they will be to stay around you. A tight rein encourages resentment and rebellion whereas a free and easy relationship nurtures love. Take your pick.

4# Criticising Your Partner

Just because your partner is different to you is no reason to criticise. Words can be hurtful and difficult to forget. Besides, differences between partners make the relationship dynamic interesting and exciting. Being exposed to different ways of doing things is healthy for
the partners in a relationship.

It goes without saying that the worst thing you can do is criticise your partner in front of other people. If you cannot agree, discuss your issues in private in a non-threatening manner.

5# Not Allowing Your Partner To Have Friends

It’s healthy for people to have good relationships with other people. If you are possessive and jealous of your partner, and do not allow them the freedom to see their friends, they will start resenting you. Such behaviour encourages your partner to hide their friendships from you
and fosters distrust.

A simple rule of thumb is to treat your partner the way YOU would like to be treated. You can even go one better and treat them the way THEY would like to be treated.

Do it now!


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