Master the tips in this article and become a natural when it comes to flirting with men:

1# Be playful

Make it your business to have fun when you chat to men. Be light-hearted and keep up a pleasant banter. A little gentle teasing can show your mischievous side. Be able to laugh at yourself and also his jokes. If you can make his day brighter, he will be sure to remember you with fondness. All this adds up to making you appealing company.

2# Be mysterious

A woman should always be a little bit of an enigma. If you can keep a man wondering what makes you tick, he will be thinking about you far more than if you spill your guts and tell him everything there is to know. Be concise when you chat to him and keep even more exciting details for down the road. Less is often more. He’ll likely be wondering what you really have up your sleeve.

3# Be positive

Avoid negative or draining topics. Do not gossip. The last thing you want is for him to feel depleted after being in your company. A smile is worth a thousand words. Sparkling, laughing eyes will also bring out the best in him. Think the best of him and he is likely to live up to your thoughts.

4# Ask questions

You’ll be surprised at what a profound impact your ability to listen has on him. Give him your full attention and do not be distracted by calling or texting. Giving him the floor shows you are interested and that you respect him. Make him your sole focus. Flirting is more than just the words that come out of your mouth.

5# Be yourself

There’s nothing more attractive than a woman who is confident enough to be her true, genuine self. Men will pick up when you are faking it and you will go down in their estimation. Showing that you are comfortable in your own skin makes you very appealing and if this hooks him, then you know he is genuinely interested in you.

The above guidelines are simple and easy to apply. Practice makes perfect!


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