The old dating rules that were hammered down our throats are enough to make us want to turn tail and run away.

The following 3 dating principles, however, have definitely stood the test of time:

1#  Be chivalrous

When we are polite and well-mannered, our date feels that we care and that they are special.  It can be as simple as opening a car door, not talking over the other person, calling when you say you will call and texting after the date to make sure the other person got home safely.

Don’t get so comfortable with your partner that you forget the good habits you practised when you were still courting.  Maintain a chivalrous approach throughout because isn’t that the way YOU would like to be treated?

2#  Pick up the phone and call your date

Texting is at least 5 times as prolific as calling, but you lose your date’s essence when you do not call. 

On the phone you can listen to their tone of voice and the inflections on the words they speak.   You can pick up on the energies they are emitting and you can read into their silences.

When you actually call, you will get to know your date better and far more quickly than if you just text or email.

A good idea is to text your date and ask when it would suit them for you to call.  Then make sure you phone within the time parameters they give you.  By doing this, you will get hold of them easily and quickly and set the tone for making future arrangements that will be adhered to.

3#  Ask meaningful open-ended questions when you call or when you actually spend time together.  

This will help you explore their core values and enable you to pick up quickly whether you are suited to each other or not.  Never monopolise the conversation and try to listen more than you speak.  This will require you to be more present and attuned during your time together. 

Following this advice will help turn you into a good conversationalist who derives the benefits of good communication.

The reward for adhering to the 3 principles above could be a potential relationship with someone who may eventually become your favourite person and is likely to be well worth the effort!

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