Why Join Our Niche Network?

We’ve thought hard and long about what makes our matchmaking services different from all similar services out there and how we can improve your love life. Here is how we help you increase your chances of making a real connection.

Niche market

Perfect Strangers operates in a niche market

This guarantees you the prospect of meeting high-calibre singles who share a similar background to yours, which boosts compatibility and can make you feel much more at home with them.

Marilyn screens each Perfect Strangers member personally

We are exceptionally strict about who we allow entry to Perfect Strangers. This also saves you valuable time, as you don’t need to sift through an endless array of profiles to find people suited to you.

Niche market

You are more likely to enjoy success with us, than on your own

You are not leaving the success of your dating life to chance. Instead, you have a team behind you, dedicated to helping you make a lasting connection with a suitable partner.

Marilyn is your champion

When introducing you to another client, rest assured that Marilyn will promote you to them, making them even more eager to meet you. Think of Marilyn as the best friend putting a good word in for you.

Nearly all our clients live in Pretoria East and Centurion

This eliminates the need to travel long distances to meet with your dates.

All your details remain confidential

There are no photos or information of you placed on websites or online portals, and Perfect Strangers guards your privacy.

” Marilyn conducts a very professional service. She personally screens everyone, so you can be sure of meeting someone of substance. Furthermore, because of feedback that you provide to Marilyn after each date, you can be sure that your next match will be even better. ”

Serious about finding love?

If you’re ready to take the leap and commit to someone special, join Perfect Strangers today.

We are your best chance for finding traditional love in an untraditional way.

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