What are we actually?  I like to think that each one of us is an awesome present from the Universe. We are a gift which we can unwrap slowly and delight in each passing day.  Some are highly visible and everyone notices how wonderful they are and what they do.  Others lead more concealed lives.  However, each life is a spark of the Creator, and each life has glorious merit, whether we notice the person or not.

Some of us are afraid to face ourselves.  We do not know whether we will be able to handle it or not.  If we uncover some challenges, we are scared that we may not like ourselves.  Others, on the other hand, are afraid that if they discover great things about themselves, those great things bring with them responsibilities, and maybe they feel they are not ready to own them yet.

It is an ongoing journey, this discovering of oneself.  It’s like peeling off the layers of an onion.  Each layer reveals fresh, new discoveries.  I say let’s delight in the process.  If we are indeed a spark of the Divine, there must be a lot of wonderful things buried there in our own back yard, as it were, so let’s own them and mine them.

What are YOUR unique talents?  Have you discovered all there is to know about yourself?  Perhaps there is still some hobby you want to follow, some exceptional gift or skill you want to develop.  The time is now.  You were put here with a purpose, to share your unique gifts so that the world can benefit.  You are not meant to cover and hide your abilities.  Because you have some specific aptitude, you can rest assured there is at least one person, if not many in this world who are simply craving to have your knowledge.  It is at the very least your duty to share your calling so that they can get out of their doldrums and prosper.

This sharing process is meant to be enjoyed and relished, so it is actually something to look forward to.  When we share our specific knowledge, we are simply making others aware of the beauty and wonder around them.  We are making them aware that they are not helpless, but that they too in turn have talents of their own to share.  There is more than enough to go around.  In fact, the supply is infinite.  As the spark of the Divine, we have nothing to fear and can move forward with love and confidence.

The time to share ourselves is NOW.  It is not called “the present” for nothing.  Let’s give ourselves the gift of sharing our unique calling and blessing others in the process.  Let’s dig deep and keep digging.  Let’s bring our gold and diamonds to the surface where they can be enjoyed and appreciated by one and all.  What a wonderful approach to life, and it is within us all to do it.

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The following questions are preceded by the letters “SS”, indicating that a soul search can be done:

SS:  Do you sometimes feel small and insignificant in the grander scheme of life?  Can this perception be changed?

SS:  If you look at yourself honestly, is there more to you than meets the eye?  Is it possible to see good qualities, own them and bring them to the fore?  What makes you say this?

SS:  Do you have a skill or ability you would like to develop?  What is this skill or ability and how can you improve on it?

SS:  Do you believe that the pool of skills and abilities in this world is infinite?  Would you like to be a significant player in this pool?  Please elaborate.

SS:  How do you feel when you share your abilities and skills with others?

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