Marilyn Welch has been introducing soulmates to each other since 1997. During that time she has researched the topic of dating and relationships thoroughly. Because of this she knows what men and women who are dating, are looking for.

Because of this she created her 7 Steps to Securing Your Soulmate”™ Email Series Program. Here she walks you through all the steps of dating from when you first meet someone until you go into an exclusive relationship, and then through all the stages of commitment until you finally tie the knot.

Combining this with comprehensive worksheets, coupled with exclusive one-on-one consultations, (where you can pick her brain and make use of her 20 years of experience), monthly mentoring as well as exposure to an expert image consultant and also a fitness and weight-loss professional, Marilyn facilitates transformation for women and prepares them for the dating world.

So if you have never dated or not had a long-term relationship for a long time, or if you have been married for a long time and have suddenly found yourself divorced with no dating skills, allow Marilyn to guide you through her program, facilitate the changes in you and teach you the skills that are necessary to attract your soulmate like a bee to a honey pot!

This great program will support you through your personal transformation and should you do all the work required and have a positive approach, the rewards will surely follow.

Send Marilyn your details here and she will gladly contact you for a FREE initial consultation to assess what your needs are and what can be done for you. Describe your situation in the “Message” section of the application form. Her diary is filling up quickly so do it now!

Marilyn Welch

Marilyn Welch

Owner of Perfect Strangers

“Marilyn conducts a very professional service. She personally screens everyone, so you can be sure of meeting someone of substance. Furthermore, because of feedback that you provide to Marilyn after each date, you can be sure that your next match will be even better. ”

We are your best chance for finding traditional love in an untraditional way.