3 Tips to Finding Your Soulmate

 Sick to death of people telling you that it will happen when you least expect it? That you will attract the right person as soon as you stop looking?, Or that you are too picky and they have a friend who would be perfect for you?

Today, dating is tough, and even more so if you have experienced heartbreak. While being single certainly has its pluses, singledom comes with a price – loneliness. Yes, everyone wants someone with whom they can share their lives. A partner they can trust and love, and be loved in return; a partner who will accept them for who they are and has no expectations or need for them to change. The reality is we were all born with the desire to find a partner with whom we can share emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual chemistry – your soulmate. Here are three tips guaranteed to pave the path to finding your true soulmate:

 #1 Be Clear About What You Want in A Partner

Being honest with yourself about what you want in a partner is first and foremost. Fortunately, if you know what you do not want, you will know what you do want. If you need a reminder, reflect on your failed relationships, because that is where you will find pointers about what you want in your partner.

 #2 Work on You

It goes with saying that people are attracted to people who are in a strong, confident place. With that said, never stop working on yourself. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important relationship in your life; it is priceless. Take the time to listen to and be honest with yourself, practise identifying your feelings, set realistic goals, take up a social hobby, learn a new skill, wake up early for a morning walk or jog, and start loving the person you are.

 #3 Believe That You Deserve to Find Love

In life, you will never receive anything you believe you do not deserve. When we think negative thoughts, we automatically start attracting negative experiences. Keep telling yourself that you are worthy of a partner who meets your every need, and you theirs, and the moment you start to believe it, incredible people will walk into your life. Start enjoying your life and make decisions that make you feel better about yourself. When you start believing in yourself, a door will open up to a beautiful person looking for someone just like you.

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Marilyn Welch

Owner of Perfect Strangers

Marilyn Welch is the owner of Perfect Strangers Introduction Society for Professionals and in the last year, many of the clients who joined Perfect Strangers met someone special, often within a very few short months. Would you love to meet your soulmate?  If you fit our niche market and feel that you would like to work with me, register today.