“Waiting” is a word that has become unfashionable and politically incorrect.  We live in a world of quick fixes where shortcuts are taken and instant solutions are the order of the day.  We scoff at the older generation who seem so pedantic and do everything the long way around.  These are different days where old-fashioned values and good old common-sense have flown out the window.

But what if our parents actually did know better?  What if we could actually learn something from them?  What if, in certain circumstances, they were actually right?

There are certain things that just do take time, whether we like it or not.  For example, getting to know somebody and choosing a soulmate.  People seldom reveal all their cards in the beginning.  When we first get to know someone, it is usually all moonshine and roses until the time comes when they reveal who they really are.  We may have put them on a pedestal, and when they do something that does not suit us, we relegate them to the pit.

This is the sad story of so many people.  They may have read somewhere that life is all meant to be wonderful and perfect, and they find it hard to reconcile reality and fiction.

A lot of drama and disappointment can be avoided if we are not in a hurry.  Many times we do not think things through when we put our ideas into action.  We act on our emotions in the heat of the moment, enjoying what we do so thoroughly, never dreaming that the day may come when we have to foot the bill for those actions we took such pleasure in.  How could anything so nice ever turn so sour?  How could someone we admired so much let us down so badly?

A good principle to live by is to live our life with the purest integrity we can muster.  Then we will seldom put our foot wrong and nobody will have fingers to point.  We sometimes need to wait a very long time for that final curtain to fall.  Sometimes that is the best time to take action, because only then will we have all the information we need to make a sound decision.  This often involves walking the extra mile and having incredible staying power.  But in the light of the above information, isn’t it better to make a decision at a later rather than an earlier stage?  This is particularly important when evaluating a person or a situation.

Perhaps we should take the standpoint that people are innocent until they are proven guilty.  This is the way we ourselves would like to be judged, so it is only fair to live this way.  If they prove us wrong, it is another matter.  But until then, we need to reserve our judgement.

The best way to handle many situations is to let them play out by themselves until we know best what to do.  This usually involves a lot of waiting and then some.  I believe the rewards will be there if we do this.  In the fullness of time, things will be all played out.  Often the best thing we can do is let others do the speaking and the actions, and then it is all done for us.

It’s best to allow the Universe to arrange our life.  It does so in better style than we could ever muster by ourselves.  When we do that, and that final curtain falls, we can breathe a sigh of relief and just say “Thank you!”

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SS:  Is there something happening in your life that is taking far too long to play out?

SS:  Have you ever chosen a romantic partner too quickly, only to find that they are not all you thought them to be?

SS:  Have you ever put someone on a pedestal and then later relegated them to the pit?

SS:  Do you believe that everything has a price?  What makes you think this?

SS:  Can you think of an example where the universe arranged events in your life better than you could have done it?

Marilyn Welch

Owner of Perfect Strangers

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