Many years ago there was a king who had been victorious in battle and had led his kingdom from strength to strength.  His life was coming to an end and he wanted to be remembered by all his subjects, their children and grandchildren, and even into eternity.

So he hired a master craftsman to weave a tapestry depicting his whole life and how he had enriched the lives of those in his kingdom.  The tapestry was to take up a whole wall in the ballroom of his castle.  The craftsman told the king he had only one condition:  The king was not to look at the tapestry until it was finally completed.  The king agreed and the craftsman started his work.

Three long years passed and still there was no sign that the craftsman had completed his task.  The king could not contain his curiosity, so one day he sneaked up the stairs next to the ballroom and peeped through one of the windows at the tapestry in the making.  With a shock he saw that there was nothing to see except disjointed rows of stitching.  Moreover, the light was poor and it all looked very unexciting.

Angrily he summoned his courtiers and demanded that they fetch the craftsman.  The man appeared before him and remonstrated with the king, reminding him of his promise to only look at the completed work.  Reluctantly, the king told the craftsman he would give him another two years and if the tapestry was not completed by then, he would be beheaded!

So for another two years there was peace at the palace.  Shortly before the grand event when the tapestry was to be revealed, arrangements were made to enhance the lighting in the ballroom.  Honoured guests were invited from far and wide and there was much excitement.

The king had many misgivings, having seen the tapestry two years ago and was very worried that the craftsman would put him in disgrace.  The day arrived at last and on tenterhooks he entered the ballroom.  His jaw dropped!  Where there had been darkness and jagged edges before, there were now rich and royal colours of every hue depicting all the king’s victories and there was now no doubt that he was a hero and that he had done exceedingly well for his kingdom.

The moral of the story is that nothing worthwhile comes quickly and easily.  When we are patient and trusting, we allow life to weave our tapestries to their final, glorious completion.  A rushed job is never satisfactory and to interrupt a theme halfway through never pays off.

So it should be when we contemplate our love lives.  We need to grow into mature people before we attempt a long term relationship.  When we allow this relationship the time and the space to mature, is when it is at its best and a final commitment has been earned.

Take your time, remain composed and allow life the freedom to lovingly complete your tapestry.

© 2019 Marilyn Welch

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