Building Self-Confidence to Improve Your Relationship

Self-growth is something all of us should strive for, but it is not as easy as it seems. Everyone has a little voice inside them that may be telling them they are not good enough, smart enough, attractive, or just, enough. You can be your own worst critic, and it is time you give yourself a break and try to practise self-growth daily. Here are some points you can reflect on to improve your self-growth and in return, positively influence your relationship.

Knock-On Effect

If you suffer from negative self-esteem, chances are this is also affecting your romantic relationships. If you are aware of your shortcomings and practise not only making peace with them, but actively strive towards self-growth, you are on the right track to becoming a better you. When you feel bad about yourself and question your self-worth, insecurities start to permeate the way you interact.

Think About Your Past

There is a reason why it is called having a “connection” with someone. We love to find someone or something that reminds us of something familiar we can connect with. The key to creating healthy relationships is striking a balance. We all have wounds, emotions, and validations that we want to deal with, but this also needs to come from ourselves. You have to be able to stand on your own two feet with confidence and give the validation you need to yourself, so that your self-growth and self-worth are not dependant on someone else.

You might feel that, because of your past, you are seeking a relationship that you are worthy of. This might lead you to falling in the same traps when it comes to building relationships. If you are not practicing self-growth when it comes to dealing with your childhood or past relationships, you are not going to experience change. At the end of the day, everyone is deserving of love.

Shift Your Mindset

You cannot change your past. Your childhood has helped shaped you into the person you are today. However, you can change the way you view your past. By linking your past experiences to your present, you will be able to better understand the motives behind your actions and move forward, so that your past does not define who you are as a person today and in future. Dealing with your past can be very difficult, but it is one of the biggest hurdles you will overcome when you practise self-growth.

A Sense of Self-Awareness

When trying to address the insecurities that seep into your relationship, it is important for you to be honest with yourself and to those you love. Part of that is becoming self-aware – knowing how you deal with certain situations and with other people will tell you a lot about how you should be approaching different situations.

As you prepare to seek healthy ways to achieve self-growth within your relationship, remember that Perfect Strangers’ matchmaking expert Marilyn Welch has years of experience in advising not only couples, but individuals, on how they can practise self-love and growth. For more tips on this and other relationship topics, we have a wealth of information elsewhere on the website.

Marilyn Welch

Owner of Perfect Strangers

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