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Our exclusive programs for men and women are the first of their kind in South Africa. Based on 20 years of experience in matchmaking and in-depth research into relationships, these very affordable programs offer you unique insights and quality advice to help you build happy, long-lasting romantic relationships.


4-Steps to Successful Dating

Series Program of 34 Emails


Are you tired of being alone? Do you wonder why your relationships fail?

Rest assured that there are practical dating steps you can take to enjoy a rewarding, lifelong relationship. Discover what men or women really want in a relationship and what makes the opposite sex tick.

In this life-changing program, I will tell you how to fashion yourself for dating success, understand the role of chemistry and make the right decisions when choosing your dream partner. Avoid common dating mistakes and start enjoying the fulfilling love life you’ve always wanted.

Successful dating is just a click away.

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3-Steps to an Exclusive Relationship

Series Program of 28 Emails


Once you’ve found the perfect partner, how do you ensure that your exclusive relationship will grow into something truly meaningful?

After all, everyone wants to find the kind of love that will last a lifetime, but how exactly do you achieve that? If you know what approach to take, you can set the stage for continual romance in your exclusive relationship. In this informative program, I’ll share the secrets to building a solid foundation for an enjoyable and rewarding relationship, which will far exceed your wildest dreams.

Enjoy lasting love that just gets better and better.

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7-Steps to Securing Your Soulmate

Series Program of 60 Emails combining the 4-Steps to Successful Dating & 3-Steps to an Exclusive Relationship


What is a soulmate? How do you find your ideal partner and build a lasting, loving relationship?

The answers to these questions may surprise you! This comprehensive 7-step program will empower you in the dating process and give you the skills to find and maintain an amazing relationship. It’s easier than you think. Simply use this invaluable advice to unlock the secrets to successful dating and build a solid, exclusive relationship. Happiness and romance are within your reach as perfect strangers become perfect partners.

A life of love awaits you… secure your soulmate today.

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