When we look at a form or an object, our brains automatically imagine something perfect and then they try to make the image we see live up to that perfection.  It’s almost as if we are trained to not accept something as it is. To complicate matters, each one of us has a different idea of what is perfect.  Therefore we can take an image or a happening, and if there is more than one person present, or even a crowd of people, an almost infinite number of possibilities exist.

We seldom leave a thing alone to be just what it is and nothing more.  We always want to “improve” things.  But what if something is perfect just as it is, warts and all?  If we could just think out of the box, we may even see beauty in that imperfection.  It has then become perfectly imperfect.

How many of us love and accept a thing just the way it is?  Or see perfection in what has happened, however awkward and ugly this happening may have seemed?  Is this not the working of the Universe, what we see and what appears to be happening?  If it is the Creator’s hand that has brought it into being, or the Creator pulling the strings, who are we to argue that a thing should not be just as it is?  We see only what is directly ahead of us, but there is an unseen Power in the Universe that is directing the play of life, and the sooner we learn to love what is, the happier we become.  When we accept life and move with the flow, our problems dissolve and we become free.  What is the truth?  When we accept reality and do not fight it, contentment creeps up on us as we relax and start enjoying the ride.

Perhaps you feel it is taking too long to meet your life partner, and that all the options being provided to you fall far short of your expectations.  Maybe this is a lesson of patience and acceptance.  Perhaps you have overlooked your best partner by having an image in your mind of what and who you deem to be acceptable.  When the wait seems too long and the options too few, it is time to notice how you feel when you just let things be and accept people exactly as they are.  When you do this, a shift occurs and things become easier.  You have provided an avenue for the best to come your way.  You are no longer dictating to the Universe what you think should happen, but are gratefully taking what it is that you are being given.  That is what makes all the difference.

Meister Eckhart once said that if there is only one prayer we ever offer in this life, we would do well if it consisted of the two words “Thank you”.  Let’s not quibble about what life dishes up for us.  Let’s make the most of and be grateful for what we are given.  To every negative there is a positive.  Let’s look on the bright side and see everything as if it were a miracle.  If we do this, we are looking at the perfection rather than the flaw.  This alone will make a significant difference and make life more to our liking.

I challenge you to see the perfect within the imperfect in this awesome life we live!

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SS:  Describe a situation you were in which seemed to be unacceptable to you.  If you look back at this situation, what about it was also perfect?  Please elaborate.

SS:  Describe how you once thought something was horrible and another person thought  it was fabulous.  What is this telling you?

SS:  Do you find it difficult to accept life just the way it is?  Do you think things should have happened differently for you?  Motivate your answer.

SS:  Have you ever gratefully accepted what came your way in life?  How did this make you feel?

SS:  What do you think of Meister Eckhart’s prayer?

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