Today I am going to focus on why honesty is the best policy in your relationships.  We have all heard the saying:  “It pays to be honest”, but what will this mean to you in your relationship with your partner?

Firstly, you want to lay a good foundation for the future of your relationship.  As layer after layer of a relationship is built, it will be unstable if there is not a sound foundation based on honesty.  We all want a partner we can trust.  Someone who is reliable, consistent and open.  So many of my clients ask to meet someone who has integrity and who is trustworthy.  This factor of honesty is indeed high on everyone’s list of priorities.

According to the Law of Attraction, like attracts like, so if you yourself are honest, you are likely to attract an honest partner.  It is very important to be the kind of person you want to attract.

It is also very important to always be yourself, and not try and be someone you are not.  I know a lady called Sandy, who tried so hard to impress her partner by trying to appear as if she was someone “better” than what she actually was.  She confessed to me later that it was always so stressful to be in her partner’s company, as she always had to be “better than her best” and she could never relax.  Of course, the relationship did not succeed.  And some months later, through the grapevine, she heard that this man had initially liked her, but had been intimidated by what she projected, and had gone off in search of easier, more “laid-back” company.  So this relationship was based on lies, and she lost a promising boyfriend.  If she had just been herself, it might have turned into something more, which was what she wanted right from the start.

Another lady called Madeleine fell in love with a guy she thought was a hunk, and whom she wanted at any cost.  Shortly after they met, she started feeling that she was “too good” for him.  She was still infatuated with him, however, so she started playing herself down and hiding all her good points, so that he would not be intimidated by her.  In the end he turned out to be the kind of guy who often put her down, and she didn’t even have to put herself down anymore.  Luckily her eyes opened and she got out of the relationship before it was too late.  Her self confidence took a knock, however, and she is still recovering from the experience.

There are many other detrimental twists and turns a relationship can take as a result of not being honest with one’s partner.  I am not talking about “letting it all hang out”, but about a mature sharing of who you truly are with someone you really like a lot.  If you are not the right partner for this person, the sooner you know about it, the better.  Less damage will be done, and you will have a clearer idea of who your ideal soulmate is.

I recommend that you are open and honest with your prospective partner right from the word go.  If the relationship does not work out, you are more likely to at least have made a good friend.

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