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Your attitude determines your luck

Some time back I was at a function where I met a remarkable woman called Sue*. The nature of my work (professional matchmaking service owner) often results in people telling me very interesting stories, and Sue’s story is no exception.

Years ago she was …

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Who are your role models

When we date, we tend to fall into certain relationship habits, some good, some not so good. Even though we start out with the best of intentions, we often end up doing just what we said we would not do. Without meaning to, we often …

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What are your motives

Some time back an old client of mine, Gerrie*, renewed his membership with Perfect Strangers, my professional dating service. (Old clients often renew their memberships with me because they know that they meet wonderful people through me and they know that I look after them well.) He told me that a female client of mine, Leonie* had broken his heart. As far as I knew they had split up a few months earlier, but I did not know why.

He told me that …

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The world mirrors us

Being the owner of my professional dating service, Perfect Strangers, and having given out plenty of dating and relationship advice over the years, I am in the privileged position where I am told many interesting stories.

Some time back, a client of mine, Lisa*, brought an important point home to me about how it is better to give out good vibes as the world mirrors us. This is what she told me in summary:

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The List

Something we are all told to do when we are looking for a partner is to write down a list of all the qualities we want this person to have. I have a slightly different take on this:

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