Dating Tips & Advice from Marilyn Welch

Watch your attitude

There comes a time in almost everybody’s life when we feel we are ready to date with a view to finding a special partner. When this time arrives, we are usually convinced that …

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Don’t “interview” your date

As you all know, after each date my clients give me feedback about their experience with the person concerned.

Some time back, one of my male clients wrote me the following email after meeting one of my female clients:

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Photos and chemistry

Why are photos becoming more and more important when it comes to selecting a partner? Internet dating sites abound with photos and the profiles with photos are viewed far more frequently than those without.
The problem …

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Is your checklist getting too long?

We all have an idea of what we are looking for in a partner. Some of us know we’ll know instinctively when we meet this person; others have long lists of what they want. Which category do you fit into?

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Bright, shiny object syndrome

Life has changed a lot since the “good ol’ days”. For some of us this is 40 years ago, for others it is as little as 10 years ago. At any rate, life has become …

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