Dating Tips & Advice from Marilyn Welch

Innovation in a relationship

Most of us would like to be in an exclusive romantic relationship, if we are not already happily married. We spend a lot of our thoughts on just how wonderful this relationship might be and put a lot of our time and energies into achieving this end. Few of us realise that …

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The Chase

In my profession as a matchmaker, I see many people chasing after romance. When I look a little deeper, I see that this chase pertains to their whole lives. We are always striving towards a goal or goals, looking to improve or change our lot in life. Do we ever stop and realise that …

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Preconceived Ideas

Most of us have preconceived ideas about what kind of person we want as a soulmate. This person must preferably be …

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Managing Loneliness

Most of us at some time or other experience the ravages of loneliness. Loneliness can come in many forms: sometimes we are at our loneliest when surrounded by people whom we love and who we know love us! How do we cope with this insidious state of mind?

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Give the best and expect the best

Most of us go into a relationship expecting the best but not always giving the best. In other words we enter this relationship starting with an imbalance. It stands to reason that the scales are going to tip …

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