Dating Tips & Advice from Marilyn Welch

Are you waiting for a perfect life partner?

When we look at a form or an object, our brains automatically imagine something perfect and then they try to make the image we see live up to that perfection. It’s almost as if we are trained to not accept something as it is. To complicate matters …

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Is age important when it comes to dating?

In my experience as an expert matchmaker for professionals, I have noticed that single people are hung up on their list of attributes they want in a partner. They can become so single-minded about this that they …

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How to listen effectively

Communication is part speaking and part listening. If we want the other party to hear what we are saying, we need first to afford them the opportunity of feeling that they have been heard.

We are always so eager to …

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Men and women connect differently

Some time back, a good friend of mine, Tessa*, told me an amusing story, which graphically illustrates a basic difference between men and women when it comes to connecting. She had had a difficult week …

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Innovation in a relationship

Most of us would like to be in an exclusive romantic relationship, if we are not already happily married. We spend a lot of our thoughts on just how wonderful this relationship might be and put a lot of our time and energies into achieving this end. Few of us realise that …

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