Welcome to 2019 – my wish for you is that you surpass all you could have dreamed and that your destiny unfolds in a way that delights your socks off!!

“How do I get this to happen?” asked one of my clients when I saw her the other day.  The answer is simple:  BE the energy you wish to attract.

Simple, but not always easy.  “What about my down days?” she asked.

Let me first describe a process, which if it makes sense to you, will answer her question.

Everything good in life has a sound foundation.

By now all your values should be in place, and hopefully amongst them stand integrity, loyalty, love and patience.  These values will stand you in good stead if you want to give off a healthy energy.

#  Your practice of the values that have stood the test of time should be ingrained in your everyday habits and will be second nature to you.

#  Accept whatever comes your way with equanimity, do not place too high a value on expectations, do not take yourself too seriously and cultivate an excellent sense of humour.  This will help you on your journey.

Remember that other people are often a mirror to your inmost self.  When you gossip about others, you attract what you gossip about and those qualities you do not like often reside in you.

#  Your humility will win you more friends than your pride.  Unselfish service to others will always count in your favour.

If all the above-mentioned qualities are in their rightful place, you will be an exceptional person, giving off healthy vibes and the nicest people will start crossing your path, amongst whom may be your very own soulmate!  A person who gets it right will easily and naturally attract the best of circumstances.

Tip:  Sometimes what looks like something bad happening to you can turn out to be your greatest blessing!!

Remember that every person is giving off energies which make him/her like a radio station which can be tuned in to.  Giving off the best energies will draw the best of people and circumstances to you.

Everyone has their down days, but if you can pull the abovementioned way of life off at least 70 – 80% of the time, I can almost guarantee you that your destiny will be awesome.

I am working hard on it myself.  Will you join me?

Marilyn Welch

Owner of Perfect Strangers

Marilyn Welch is the owner of Perfect Strangers Introduction Society for Professionals and in the last year, many of the clients who joined Perfect Strangers met someone special, often within a very few short months. Would you love to meet your soulmate?  If you fit our niche market and feel that you would like to work with me, register today.