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Welcome To Perfect Strangers

At last – the discreet, selective matchmaking service for single professionals that Pretoria East and Centurion have been waiting for!

See and hear on the video below how Marilyn Welch, owner of Perfect Strangers, can offer you the perfect professional solution:
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Perfect Strangers is results-driven:  Our latest statistics show that 49% of the clients who join our society, meet their perfect match, often within a very few short months!  Of these, 71% remain in their committed relationships.  

Our clients are:

  • Single professionals, high-powered business executives and successful entrepreneurs.
  • Most of them live in Pretoria East and Centurion.
  • They are primarily Afrikaans-speaking Christians, but most are perfectly comfortable with English as well.
  • Health and fitness are important to them.
  • They are often highly educated and well travelled.
  • They are well-groomed and trim.
  • We serve ladies aged 25 – 52 and gentlemen aged 30 – 60.
  • If you fit this description and want to save time, money and
    hassles in your search for your dream partnercontact us NOW!


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Perfect strangers

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Marilyn Welch (see About Us) founded Perfect Strangers in Pretoria in October 1997 and is a professional, expert “Matchmaker”.  Since then she has been honing and fine-tuning her skills to become a highly respected, market-leader in her field. In the last year, 49% of the clients who joined Perfect Strangers met someone special, often within a very few short months!  Of these, 71% remain in their committed relationships!


Marilyn will discuss these phenomenal statistics in more detail with you when you come to see her.  It would make good sense to rely on her experience and extensive database, allowing her the time to do an extensive search for you to find the potential partner of your dreams.  Marilyn will empower you to meet new friends of the opposite sex that will fit into the league you are playing in; and in the process go on dates and visit exciting places with various hand-picked quality partners until you KNOW that you have found your true Soulmate.

Once you are a member of Perfect Strangers, you will learn phenomenally powerful skills to fast-track your success in dating and romantic relationships and many other arenas. One of the ways in which we do this is by giving our members two fundamental sessions with a highly competent and effective, Certified Confidence Strategist and Coach.  You will thus discover your relationship preferences and underlying needs and value systems, and thereby enable Perfect Strangers to match you using a much more comprehensive set of criteria than you would find anywhere else. You will then stand an excellent chance of enjoying all your dates so much more, and also of developing a meaningful and rewarding romantic relationship within a short space of time.

Your new-found confidence in the area of relationships is then likely to permeate into ALL areas of your life!  Marilyn also provides FREE advice on How to Date Successfully, and How to Conduct Rewarding Romantic Relationships in the form of a fortnightly Newsletter.  Revolutionise your lovelife by applying the principles found in her FREE 12 page Dating Guide “Three Ways to Finding the Soulmate of Your Dreams”!  To access these FREE bonuses, apply in the box on the left hand side of this page under the Navigation buttons. If you want to save valuable time and money, and avoid hassles, get spoiled with truly personal attention and greatly enhance your chances of success in finding your true soulmate, Perfect Strangers is the answer to your prayers. Don’t stay stuck in your lonely rut – there IS a very special Soulmate waiting for you somewhere out there – and Perfect Strangers will empower you to find him or her – risk and hassle free!

Making a positive change to your life is just a phone call or email away.  Phone 0825598322 or email us to arrange your FREE “Find Your Soulmate” session with Marilyn.  During this no obligation first personal meeting, she will answer all your questions and enable you to determine whether Perfect Strangers is right for you or not. Perfect Strangers will find your Soulmate – whatever it takes!

Since its inception in 1997, Perfect Strangers Introduction Society has become the benchmark to which dating services in the Pretoria East/Centurion area can only aspire.  Owner Marilyn Welch has a passion for people, and gives 100% personalised service to each and every client.  She has also established herself as a Relationship Mentor of the highest standard and integrity, specialising in Dating Skills. Wondering whether Perfect Strangers is right for you? Click here.